Obsidian like iA Writer - the easy way

Thanks @jwl.

Quattro defaults to bold because of a metadata bug in it. Until iA finally get around to fixing it, you can fix it yourself: https://github.com/iaolo/iA-Fonts/issues/50

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The function I miss especially after switching from IAW to Obsidian are the simple shortcuts to make headings. So: cmd+1 for H1, cmd+2 for H2, etc.

Does anyone maybe have an idea how I could replicate this, because I haven’t found a way or plugin to accomplish this yet.

If you have Alfred or Text Expander you can make your own Hotkey that would translate your input (cmd+1) to *, (cmd-2) to ** etc

I am having some problems setting up the theme in “editor” mode. The result is that the headings do remains quite small. Example (same note: right preview, left edit) :

In the picture the problem is quite visible, as the first line is heading 1 and the second is at heading 2, but no change appears in-between the two. No problem for the preview (right)

Any idea what I need to change? I followed up the procedure indicated in the first post