Obsidian is good but has several limitations, including difficulties with adding specific titles, lack of automatic date filling, missing right-click option to create URLs, and the inability to tag notes across multiple related notes

Obsidian is good.

But as it is now, it has shortcomings that I’m struggling with when compared to StandardNotes or Bear that I can from.

For example:

  • I can’t even add a title such as this: Error: Problem 1: package kmod-lve-1:2.0-42.el8.x86_64 requires kernel(oops_in.... I have to title this "Outdated kernel module) which can mean a thousand other things.

  • Managing 100s of machines requires keeping an after-action log and I use note-taking apps for this. On StandardNotes when you open a new note, it automatically fills in the date. With Obsidian, you have to manually input this which is a delay no one wants. Being able to sequentially check a log is critical to its use.

  • When you highlight a phrase or sentence to make it a URL, there is no option when right-clicking to add such a URL.

  • I want to be able to tag a note across several related notes and there is no way to do that now. If I’m writing a Terraform module for GCP Compute Engine and Cloud SQL, I want to be able to tag these for quick reference.

It makes using Obsidian frustrating to use so I’m thinking of going back to StandardNotes.

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Can you kindly do one feature request per thread and search before posting?

Moved this to help

Thank you for your response, appreciate your feedback, open to learning and becoming a more active and productive member of the community.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by combining multiple feature requests in one thread and for not searching before posting. I’ll make sure to follow your suggestion and submit individual feature requests in separate threads from now on.

Additionally, I’ll take the time to search the forum thoroughly to ensure that my requests haven’t been addressed before. Though will appreciate it if you could point me to similar threads.

If you can, please split them as you may deem fit. Thank you for your time and understanding!


Why not use Standard Notes or Bear if they suit your needs better?

I’m not trying to be hostile here. Obsidian is not the right tool for every job.

From your description, it can be seen that you can program, then I think you know what the plug-in market is, and most of your needs can be realized through very simple code, I think this is not difficult for you

Solution: create template with the Templates Core Plugin. Insert template into note.

How to insert template into note
Best solution: use the Unique Note Creator Core Plugin and set the template you just created as the template for your unique note. You can even remap the hotkey for creating a new note with the unique note or use the ribbon button (or have them separate). Unique Note Creator can also create notes with a specific prefix format (such as the date and/or time).

Does the hotkey ‘Command (macOS) + K’ or ‘Control (Windows) + K’ do what you are looking for? When text is highlighted and the hotkey is pressed it will surround the text with the markdown link formatting, with the cursor left at the url insertion point, example:

“Highlighted text” will become “Highlighted text” with the cursor placed between the parentheses, allowing you to paste the link immediately.

I don’t understand what exactly you mean? You can use tags preceded by the “#” symbol across multiple notes, I’m 99% sure this isn’t what you mean but I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

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Inherent OS filesystem limitation sadly, not an easy way to fundamentally fix this. Using YAML front matter titles is an effective potential workaround but requires community plugins: plugin that does this.

I believe I have answered all your requests so please tell me if these are inadequate. Do note: these things aren’t important to me so if there is a problem I missed I may not have the experience to know the solution.

Templates can do a few things so make sure to read the documentation if there is an issue and if you need more from Templates, the Templater community plugin by SilentVoid is one of the most popular community plugins and greatly extends the functionality of the templates feature.

I created a specific feature request based off of this post for a markdown link option in the Control/Right-click drop-down menu (I also want this feature) here: Create link with control-click/right-click

Thanks a lot for the detailed guide & help.

It seems that I have to drop every preconceived notion I may have on how this should work and truly learn how Obsidian works.

  1. Solution: create a template with the Templates Core Plugin. Insert template into a note.

This actually got the job done. Thanks.

  1. Hotkey: Does the hotkey ‘Command (macOS) + K’ or ‘Control (Windows) + K’ do what you are looking for?

Core workstations are Linux though with macOS in-between roving and at station.

So CTRL + K does the same thing on Linux. Thanks.

  1. Tagging: Let me see if I can explain this in a way that it makes. I’ve seen Tags but what I have in mind is kinda different.

So say I have a note titled Best Tagging Practices under a folder named “google_cloud”.

This note has all the lessons & best practices I have learned over the years on how to tag resources on GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc.

With a few folders and notes, this probably will suffice.

But I have thousands of notes.

What I was looking for is to be able to tag this one (1) note in a way that it will be visible across the “google_cloud”, “aws”, “azure”, “etc” folders.

However, it seems that the “Search” function is capable of pulling up every note with “$string”.

So that too will do the job.

Once again, thank you all for your help, and more so to bugger for the light.

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