Create link with control-click/right-click

Use case or problem

I want to be able to highlight text then select from an option to create a markdown link when I use the Control/Right-click hotkey.

Proposed solution

Add option to create markdown link from selected text or clicked word as an option in the drop-down menu on Control-click/Right-click. This would be identical to Command/Windows key + K but can be done by mouse, which I like and is consistent with many other markdown applications and also with other non-markdown GUI text editors (though they generally don’t use markdown link format).

Current workaround (optional)

Command/Windows key + K. I don’t always want to use keyboard shortcuts and this Control/Right-click option is consistent and familiar with many other text editors.

Related feature requests (optional)

Also requested here (post was moved to help section): (Obsidian is good but has several limitations, including difficulties with adding specific titles, lack of automatic date filling, missing right-click option to create URLs, and the inability to tag notes across multiple related notes)

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I’m not sure if you have used this plugin, it may indirectly solve your problem

If you don‘t want to memorize too many shortcut keys, you can also learn about the following plugins.

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I understand but I want exactly what was suggested, I can already use Command + K which is as good and doesn’t require a community plugin.

This feature would be great particularly for new users from other applications (this precludes community plugins) because it is expected behaviour for many users coming from most other text editors. Also, I want it in the drop-down menu (like other text editors), I don’t think there is a plugin that does this (is it even possible?).

I think plugins can add items to the context menu.

Are there any restrictions on this as I’ve never seen an example of it. Also, would you happen to know of a community plug-in that implements this feature? I haven’t found it if it exists.

I don’t know if there are restrictions; that’s probably in the plugin developer documentation.

Search “context menu” in the plugin store and you’ll find some that apparently add items.

Yes, I kind of want the opposite of this: obsidian://show-plugin?id=copy-url-in-preview. I might try contact the developer. Regardless, I still think this really ought to be a core and default feature.