Obsidian Help should open in preview mode only

I tried to search for this, but didn’t find anything like this. And this is not actually a bug, but just a small thing to improve the usability of the Help.

Steps to reproduce

Click the Help icon in the left side bar. Obsidian Help opens in a new window.

Expected result

As I’m just gonna read the help files, I would assume that the help vault would open in the preview mode.

Actual result

The help files open in a split view, the left pane shows the main help file in edit mode, and the right pane shows the same file in preview mode. For you developers this might be handy when you need to edit the help files, but for a normal user there is no need to have two panes showing the same file.

I’m not interested in editing the help files, but even if I would be, editing them would not be meaningful, because Obsidian resets all changes made to the help files. It’s good to protect editing them and I would not change that. However, I would remove the possibility to edit the help files in the first place.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10

I don’t necessarely disagree and I don’t consider this a bug. Open a feature request.

Whoops, I didn’t notice that there actually already exists a feature request for this: Help docs should be opened in preview mode

Sorry! :slight_smile: