Obsidian has entered my dreams after <1 month

After using Obsidian for less than a month, I recently dreamed that I pulled out my phone and opened Obsidian to write down something someone was telling me. XD


I was thinking of posting something similar. I was wondering if other people find themselves working in Obsidian in their dreams.

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I think this is the only time I remember using an app in a dream, despite how much I use them while awake.

I write my dreams in obsidian (if that counts)

I do that, too, so I wrote my dream about Obsidian in Obsidian. :slight_smile:

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I’m about 4 months in to using Obsidian regularly; it didn’t enter my dreams until last night; earlier in the day I saw this post but didn’t click into it, all it took was seeing the title and bang, I was talking about Obsidian to someone in a dream.

The mind is an amazingly complex thing eh??