Obsidian does not open Markdown files via iOS Files

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the iOS / iPadOs Files app
  • Click on a “.md” file in the vault

Expected behaviour:

  • Obsidian starts and shows the clicked file

Actual behaviour:

  • Obsidian starts and loads the previously loaded file

It is thus impossible to use the Files app to see files in the Obsidian vault.


  • Obsidian 1.0 as well as the previous release
  • iOS 16.0 and 16.0.3 (newest version)
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This is not a bug. We don’t support it. Obsidian does not set itself as the default markdown reader anywahere.

(I apologize in advance if reopening this thread is out of bounds.)

The report isn’t about using Obsidian as a general default editor. It’s saying that Obsidian fails to handle the files in its own app folder as iOS / Files expects it to.

Files appears to treat all files in an app’s folder as belonging to that app. So when you view an Obsidian vault folder in Files and tap a note (or an image file, or whatever), it tries to open it with Obsidian instead of the usual default app for that file type. Obsidian launches but doesn’t open the file — so you can’t properly open anything in an Obsidian vault from Files. In the context menu you can use Quick Look to preview a file or you can share it to another app (which I believe generally sends a copy). It is possible to open files from other apps via their integration with Files, but you have to start in the app, not in Files.

I don’t think that makes much of difference. (Makes none from an implementation POV). Anyway, feel free to open a specific feature request.