Obsidian Digital Garden Tutorial - Learn how to make your own garden for free with GitHub and Netlify!

I created this tutorial cause it goes into detail on using the Obsidian Digital Garden plugin as well as how to use GitHub and ways to sync your vault from one device to another.

I also talk about how to make multiple Digital Gardens within 1 vault. I plan to keep this updated and update it as frequently as necessary.

Let me know what you think!


I was sorting this out for myself at roughly the same time yesterday.

I found another guide off of a Reddit thread that might also come in handy:

There is also a Discussions page at the developer’s GitHub page and sometimes one can get useful info in the Issues as well.


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Thanks for providing those links! :slight_smile:

Looks like those use different options than Netlify but I’m sure Obsidian Digital Garden works with them. :slight_smile:

Actually, the cooler stuff from his site comes from the official docs:

  • By the way, I could not for the life of me connect CloudFlare, which I wanted to give a shot too. I am on Vercel now but I have a Netlify backup. I’d like to hear your opinion on those when stacked up against one another.

I’m playing around with stuff here. Also looked into this App-Seeker of yours:

As the Style Settings don’t seem to work, I wonder if you have managed to make adjustments to the theme with the file in src/site/_includes/components/user/head or what does that refer to?
I uploaded my own Style Settings lines to the same folder but obviously I need to refer that file somewhere?

Thx in advance

Yeah, that doesn’t work. Dev is aware but it is on his “backlog”

Hopefully he is able to get to that backlog soon. Several users have been trying to troubleshoot with different ways (check the links on the list below if you want to read them).

I’ve never used anything but Vercel and Netlify.

In this page, the developer talks about why Vercel is preferred over Netlify.

I have recently found another big plus for Vercel: on the free plan, you can find ways to overcome the daily deployment limits.

EDIT: You can do the same for Netlify, but when you switch production branches, make sure (don’t leave the window) to set (make sure you see) Deploy only the production branch.

I have re-uploaded this tutorial. Link wasn’t working for a while. :slight_smile: