Obsidian Commercial License


Commercial Use Licenses are required whenever Obsidian is being used for work for a business with two or more personnel.

Hi guys. As a software developer, I would love to use this product. However my developer life is tightly coupled to my job. I work at a business and must justify the need to purchase software when free competitive alternatives are available. I believe my company has the right policy in this regard. But it means I might never get a commercial license for this product. I would love to purchase the $25 personal license and use it for work; since Im the only developer in my company who even uses markdown lol. I dont want to take advantage of your free product for commercial use but sadly with this licensing model I wouldnt even be able to test the product out or commit to use it.

Please consider changing your licensing rules to allow individual developers to purchase affordable licenses for their professional careers.

Thank you

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Just to clarify. There is no $25 personal license. Catalyst is a support program not a license.

I agree your company policy is a good one. If you are able to justify to your company that obsidian will improve your productivity, they’ll be happy to pay. If they don’t think the benefit outweight the cost, use something else.

If your company does not want to pay for a commercial license, you could purchase it yourself. It’s $50 per year. The $25 catalyst license is for early releases and supporting the devs—you don’t need it for personal use, but it is nice to be able to support the devs if you are financially able.