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This is duplication of my message in post Obsidian Commercial License
No one replied there, so I suspect it may be abandoned.
I’m looking for a good instrument for my daily work (personal and commercial).
It would be a good option to buy it for personal commercial use with one time payment. As for example Sublime has.
Using of such kind of instruments is a big investment for me. It’s not even about money but more about learning and adoption of the whole philosophy.
Probably it’s psychological blocker to me, but I’m not ready to invest my time for tools adoption knowing that I’ll be own eternally while I use it.
It’s not complaining about existing model but more about sharing user’s view and suggestion for improvements.
I’m ready to support developers with 25 of even 50 bucks if I find it useful for me, but only one time. Probably I’m not only the second person with topic starter who is interested on this. Also, I believe it will be beneficial for this app as more people know about it the more potential clients and funs of this tool it will receive.
I’m not sure that anyone from my current colleagues would want to use this tool in the same way as I. So, no sense to raise a question to my managers to buy commercial license. I just won’t be able to justify it.

Also, could you please confirm on the next:

If I use this tool during my passing learning courses, making notes - I don’t need commercial license even if I have installed it on company’s workstation?

Probably this question may be rephrased as what “commercial use” means for Obsidian application.

Sorry for dummy question but I’d like to have clear understanding of what I can and can’t do :).

I found this page and it looks covers most questions about license.

It seems, if I use it for learning purpose and it doesn’t contain any working data, I can use it for free.
One more chance to try it and figure out if it really be handy for me.

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