Obsidian closes when it is not being used on iPad Pro


[ x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

Is there a way to keep Obsidian open when you are working on another app. Switching back and forth usually finds Obsidian closed and I have to start it again. This rarely happens on iPhone. Not using desktop.


I’d like Obsidian on ipadOS to stay active longer too.

Pretty sure this is because of the ipad’s RAM management, though possibly something different with ipadOS. I swear that selecting a piece of text before swiping out of Obsidian can keep it active a little longer. Maybe placebo though. Would really love to see this improved somehow.


iOS and iPadOS manage RAM pretty aggressively. Things that might account for the difference between your iPhone and iPad:

  • Older or lower-end iPad (less RAM) / newer/higher-end iPhone (more RAM).
  • Switching from Obsidian to more RAM-hungry apps on the iPad (games, browser with many tabs open, video editor, etc).

You could try putting Obsidian in Slide Over (I don’t know for sure if that is more likely to keep Obsidian loaded, but it seems like it might).

If you don’t mind keeping Obsidian on screen, you could put it in Split View.

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Thanks. I was thinking the same. Slide over doesn’t work. But appreciate the thoughts.

Ditto love to see this change. I’ll try swiping text. Goodidea

Thanks good idea.

How large is your vault? I had the impresssion that with my 4000 notes that I had imported from Bear, Obs on iOS was slower and got closed by iOS more often. Since I excluded the Bear import vault on iOS, everything feels more snappy and Obs is less often terminated.
But all that could just as well be wishful thinking and delusion :sweat_smile:

I have less than 1,000 notes. I think this must be a ram issue. I did find getting rid of some pluggins helps it re-load faster.

if you need a faster start up on mobile, check this out: Improve Obsidian Startup Time on Older Devices with the FastStart Script | by TfTHacker | Medium

could you possibly have “background refresh” for Obsidian turned off?


I don’t see Obsidian in the ‘background app refresh’ list - do you??
Could it be that Testflight versions don’t have background app refresh?

I do see it (not on TestFlight) and I have that turned off on my iPhone.

strange. I installed app store version, opened an iCloud synced vault, but still doesn’t show up in background refresh.
I have iPhone 11, latest iOS. What’s your device?

I don’t see Obsidian in the Background Refresh list on either my iPhone or iPad (both i(Pad)OS 15.7).

+1. This is my biggest peeve with Obsidian on iOS. iPhone 11 Pro (so I should have 4gb ram, but I don’t really think that’s the cause). Only use a single vault of ~1gb/5k notes, but that still can take 10 seconds or so to load.

I’m in and out of Obsidian 10-15 times a day, but often I’ll go an hour or two without using it (always resulting in a reload). I don’t even use many other apps in the meantime, maybe 5 at most.

It also affects URI shortcuts, if Obsidian isn’t open (as iOS sees it), it will ignore the shortcut and you have to run it again (and re-input data).

Some kind of “working cache” might be a solution?

If the apps you use in the meantime require much memory, that may contribute to the issue.

I’ve worked around the Shortcuts problem by having my shortcuts launch Obsidian right before using an Obsidian URL (obviously I shouldn’t have to, but it works).

there is a setting that tells iOS to not unload an app by putting it to sleep.

There is Settings > Sync > Prevent Device Sleep, but it only asks for more background time when there are changes to be synced.

I did that too, but it slows down the opening of the link, even if Obsidian is already running.
I was wondering if there’s a command in shortcuts that only executes open Obsidian if Obsidian is not running in background yet, but I don’t think that’s possible.

What setting is that? If every app would use it, iOS still would have to aggressively close apps that are running in the background.