Obsidian closes when it is not being used on iPad Pro

background App Refresh, but its interesting that Obsidian is not on the list???

I’ll experiment with an iOS shortcut which opens Obsidian before it opens Discord.
I open Discord a lot every day, this way Obsidian will remain permanently in the background :upside_down_face::laughing:

Haha, maybe you’ll end distracting yourself into productivity! “Guess I’ll go visit Discord.” Obsidian appears. “Ooh, maybe I’ll just work on this note for a bit…” (Not that Discord is necessarily unproductive.)

OT: :sweat_smile: Yeah that was the trojan horse part of the idea… I wish custom frames on iOS would run the obsidian forum or Discord!

I have found that the iOS app’s overall performance (even with respect to switching back to it after a hiatus) is better if your active keyboard is the stock keyboard. At least my preferred GBoard keyboard is proving to be a strain on the app.

I have seen similar reactions elsewhere: iOS Quora app, where my text especially with bilingual predictive text turned on was turning into garbage. After 30 mins of use on Obsidian mobile I have experienced similar behaviour (strange autocorrectionsof simple words as well already in Gboard’s dictionary).
Also, I have seen elsewhere (in several apps) that the iOS is trying to force the stock keyboard to be used (many times successfully). Maybe a similar struggle is going on in Obsidian mobile in the background (while in the app)?

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