Obsidian CLI

Use case or problem

  • When opening Obsidian from clicks it open my last opened vault, and then I need to switch to another one - I want to open a specific vault directly - maybe have a shortcut to open specific vaults

Proposed solution

Like VScode code foobar

obsidian [MY_VAULT_PATH]

Current workaround (optional)

Clicks and long wait (my vault take so long to load, 7 GB of content I think)

Also, I can’t even use my Obsidian vault in iCloud due to this Obsidian load/freeze indefinitely or for a few minutes on MacOS - #3 by CawlinTeffid

Eventually with this CLI I could open a vault that works.

You can specify a vault in an Obsidian URL. (It doesn’t work so well on mobile, where vault-switching is buggy.)


Created a Siri shortcut “Hey Siri, open my brain” (hope she doesn’t take it too seriously)


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