Obsidian load/freeze indefinitely or for a few minutes on MacOS

Steps to reproduce

I don’t know. Apologize. I have a very complex vault configuration.

I have been using Obsidian for maybe 3 years, this happens since 1-2 weeks.

Expected result

Obsidian open

Actual result

Obsidian freeze/load indefinitely


  • Operating system:


  • Debug info: ?

Additional information

Initially was suspecting we did something wrong with our plugin GitHub - louis030195/obsidian-ava: Quickly format your notes with ChatGPT in Obsidian but after deleting the folder from plugins (along other unused plugins), I still have this issue.

Is there any cache somewhere I could clear, maybe?

PS: I sync to icloud, obsidian sync, google drive, google photos, and git.

Or is there anything else I could try?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Update: for some reason, Obsidian works again (had also issues with Finder BTW)

I remember having similar issues after enabling iCloud (somehow crash the computer :), maybe too many things to back-up). I cleaned a bit of my storage (almost full, Docker takes crazy amount of storage…) and things went better.

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If all of those sync services are syncing the same files to the same devices, that’s likely to cause problems (tho this isn’t one of the problems I’d expect).

I have experienced the same issue in the last week, especially when renaming files and then Finder freezing out the whole Mac. I think in my case it is something to do with the vault being stored in iCloud.

I have gone so far as to wipe my Mac and clean reinstall everything. Still got the same problem.

I suspect this is down to Apple. I don’t have an Apple device that isn’t problematic these days.

The problem keeps happening, and I strongly suspect iCloud yes.

Really annoying, It seems to occur when I boot my computer, so the workaround seems to wait a bit before opening my Obsidian

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