Obsidian Activity Tracking (Specific Project or Vault)

Many thanks for anyone that helps make this happen!


  1. Render block which takes a path as its only argument (to show the activity of that folder / project) i.e. (for example ./ for the whole vault activity)
  2. In preview mode this block will render the activity similar to Github’s contribution board.
  3. To keep it light, by default the plugin will only track the whole vault activity, to track specific project the user must add that path in the settings for example to track project one the following path must be added ./Project_1
  4. Hovering over a box will show a % activity relative to the highest activity in current view
  5. Arrows that would change the current year being looked at

This is NEAT.

Didn’t see this until now, but I recently created the Daily Activity plugin. I’ll take a look at how this could be done.

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Hey @trydalch ,

I had a few hours during the weekend and started working on this, I added everything so far to a git repo and sent you an invite to collaborate for that project (GitHub - Darakah/obsidian-history: Activity monitor for Vault & specified projects). The current main.ts grabs the size of the vault, timestamps it and saves to plugin data.

Was adding a Svelte component to create the heatmap from this project (not done yet) GitHub - scottbedard/svelte-heatmap: A light weight and customizable version of GitHub's contribution graph.

The main things to add:

  • Add a function to get the range of available years from the plugin data
  • Convert data format to fit svelte-heatmap input data (especially the date)
  • Create a dropdown to choose the year which would trigger an update on the heatmap to show the year in question

Please feel free to use it.

The main idea behind this plugin is to create a set of plugins that can be incorporated into an activity sheet for a given project (A project Dashboard of sorts), I mention this because next on my list was a block to show recent active / modified files which your plugin is dealing with. to name a few:

  • Activity board (this post)
  • Recent notes
  • Tag stat distribution
  • Forgotten notes mention
  • Various status tagged note list (#important #modify #update for example)
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First release is out. The only missing thing is the show activity level when hovering on a cell. Please let me know if i fucked up anywhere.

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I went to get the plugin, but when I try to activate it I get “Failed to load plugin”.


@Maned What did you download? you download the 3 files from the release (Releases · Darakah/obsidian-activity-history · GitHub) ?

This usually happens when you download the files from the project where there is no main.js

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Yeah, I did a mistake.

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Hi, I can’t seem to make it work. I installed it from the community plugins list.

My intent is for it to track the root folder, how can I make it work? @darakah