Track # new notes per day, # revised notes per day

Word count is a useful core plugin, but for those of us who monitor our productivity, it would be useful to know how many new notes were created on a given day, and how many notes were revised. E.g. zettelkasten users could track literature vs permanent notes to make sure they are turning notes into papers.

I’d like to see this as a template that you can insert into the daily note (or any note). Options for # of new notes, # revised notes, and a choice of which tags to track.

I used ConnectedText for many years, and it allowed you to insert a code in any page to track notes. I am certain this alone boosted my productivity.


This feature request did not get a lotta love, but I am very happy to notice that @trydalch has created a plugin that is a big step forward. Thank you!


Hey Thanks! It’s in its infancy, but glad it’s filling a need. This week you should see an update that allows inserting stats for # of new notes and # of revised notes.

Templating coming in the future.


Tell me more about how you envision using tags in tracking your activity. What would that look like?

Tell me more about how you envision using tags in tracking your activity. What would that look like?

I can tell you what I do now. But your plugin has given me new ideas about listing the notes as well.

This is the dashboard I use in my daily notes. It is super simple, designed to motivate me to write at least one new note per day. Since leaving ConnectedText, I track this in a spreadsheet + Obsidian’s word count plugin.


Over the years, I’ve separated it out by projects, so I can see tags being useful to determine counts and running counts for #project1, #project2, etc.

Perhaps something like this:

#project1 notes worked on in the last week:
- [[note 1]]
- [[note 2]]
- [[note 3]]
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I moved this from Feature Request → Plugin ideas.

Also, this idea maybe related to Obsidian Activity Tracking (Specific Project or Vault).

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I pushed a new update out this morning.

Looking at Obsidian Activity Tracking now. Definitely similar.

Thanks for the plugin! It looks great. Is there a way to call this plugin in my daily note template? Ideally, my daily note would look at the progress made since my last daily note. I currently have your Daily Activity plugin installed which allows me to bring up the commands but doesn’t insert anything when run. I’m not sure if there are any background plugins required for Obsidian Daily Activity plugin to work.