Obsidian 1.4.5 and Dataview issue or just me?

Hi All,
As a newbie to the Forum so I hope I ticked the correct boxes.
Since very recent I started to use community add-ons, in this case ‘Dataview’, and i am not sure if I made a mistake or if something got broken due to the most recent Obsidian for Windows update. So I am wondering if you experience issues since Obsidian 1.4.5 with Dataview 0.5.56, or if it’s just me messing things up.

What I’m trying to do

I was very pleased in achieving some cool backlink-tables and tasklists from notes that link to my Dossier note. The code is below. It worked fine yesterday, but I am still in the “development mode”, so I might have broken it.

FTR, if I look in the Backlinks sidebar, there are notes linked. I link them in the “default” way by encapsulating them into two square brackets like this [[Note]].

The dataviews

This one should show the not completed tasks from notes that link to the “overview” note, but doesn’t show a thing.

WHERE contains(this.file.inlinks, file.link)
WHERE !completed

This is meant to show notes linked to the “overview” note, but again doesn’t show a thing.

table without id
    link(file.link, title) as "Note name",
    file.mtime as "Modified"
where contains(this.file.inlinks, file.link) AND file.name != this.file.name
sort "Note name" desc

If I remove AND file.name != this.file.name, it only shows the “overview” note that holds the dataview code. I also tried a this simple (almost foolproof) code that I found on the forum. That also only shows the note that holds the dataview code.

TABLE without id file.inlinks
WHERE file.name = this.file.name

Concrete question

So, since I think my code is correct, I think it’s an issue with Obsidian 1.4.5 in combination with Dataview 0.5.56. But before creating an issue on Github, I am curious if anyone else experiences the same issues or if it’s me failing in my code.

Perhaps read through this thread, and see if you have the same issue:

Perhaps the = sign is the problem. Try != to narrow down the issue.

Thanks both for responding.

If I remove AND file.name != this.file.name, it only shows the “overview note" that holds the dataview code, not the other notes that actually link to the “overview note”.

In response I tried the code below but that didn’t change the outcome:

TABLE without id file.inlinks
where contains(this.file.inlinks, file.link)

In the thread you shared I noticed this post that pointed me towards this issue that’s about the new properties that made dataview has stopped working.

When one puts the link in the text, and not the properties, everything works as expected. So I hope that they find a solution for this and meanwhile I at least know what’s causing it.



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