Obsidian 0.10.13 copy code from web unexpected behaviour - slashes inserted

  1. Go to Make a dummy index column - python
  2. Copy the second code block to obsidian (using control + C, control + V)
    What I got (slashes are added to the code)
from sklearn.datasets import load\_boston
boston \= load\_boston()
df \= pd.DataFrame(boston.data, columns\=boston\['feature\_names'\])

What I expected

from sklearn.datasets import load_boston
boston = load_boston()
df = pd.DataFrame(boston.data, columns=boston['feature_names'])

My os Pop OS 20.10 Linux, I use flatpak distribution

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Please, search before posting.


Ctrl -Shift-V shortcut was taken by this plugin, after removing it works

Sorry, I was not clear in my issue, I expect copying code as code block (with tabs), not inserting slashes, the code with slashes is rendered in view mode as normal text

Ctrl -Shift-V is an only partial solution (it remove all formating), I made another feature request, I understand that this may not be solved soon