Notion/Obsidian Workflow, Webclipping and Note-taking

Create a workflow between Notion & Obsidian, specifically with the webclipper and marking up notes.

As Obsidian doesn’t really have a great webclipping solution, I like to clip to notion which brings everything in, including pics, in a very readable way. It’s also easier to highlight and markup in Notion as it’s WYSIWYG. There are also more options to highlight in color, comment, etc.

BUT, Notion isn’t the greatest app for interlinking ideas, even with it’s backlinking function and using Tag databases.

August Bradley’s workflow is to do everything in Notion and then summarize only the best info into Obsidian. That seems like the way to go I guess, but one would still be missing all the linked and unlinked mentions that might appear over time within the full body of the articles clipped. But maybe that’s still the best way at the moment. That said, I was wondering if anyone works this way or better way? Any clue as to when WYSIWYG will be implemented in Obsidian?

If Obsidian was WYSIWYG and had a Webclipper, I’d no question do everything there. I don’t like the idea of having two locations for the same article.

To solve the webclipping problem and to include images. I clip to Notion and then export markdown to my desktop and move the file to Obsidian. It works better than anything else I’ve tried and you get the images all linked. But you have to view it in preview mode which is annoying.

I could theoretically markup the doc in Notion and then export, but the results aren’t always so pretty as not all the features translate that well, even toggles.

Another idea I thought of is to have two docs in Obsidian, the original and the summary (or they could be the same doc), but I’d still like to mark up in Notion as it’s just more user friendly and easy on the eyes.

No solution so far seems all that great.

So just looking for solutions.



Have you already tried This web clipper for Obsidian?

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thx. yes, that’s the best one, but it’s no where near as good as clipping to notion and w/o needing to go back and forth between edit/preview, multiple color highlights, commenting, etc. I think maybe working in notion might be the best route and only bringing into obsidian the permanent note or executive summary.

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