Notes with shared tags don't appear connected in local graph, so here's what I did


I was using topical tags (#on/topic) in-line with my inspirational quotes, but notes sharing the same tag do not appear connected on the local graph despite appearing so on the global graph. I like tags over in-line links because they are simpler and because I like how they function and appear in search results, especially since I am mildly dyslexic so the appearance of links in search results is really hard for me when trying to read content, especially if aliases are involved (woes of no WYSIWYG search results—I am spoiled, I know).


Convert inspirational quotes to callouts for reading individually, and add topical links in the callout header next to the author. This lets me read the content of a note without clutter in the search results, while also seeing the connections n the local graph.

Dataview is a great solution for many and I use it for other things, but in this case I was reluctant to use it for reasons.