Make nested lists/sub-lists in search results less difficult to read

Use case or problem

When using the native search feature, sub-lists lists can create a feeling of visual clutter when clicking `Show More Context` but additional context is often required for sense-making. This is compounded by additional formatting characters, such as `*` and `[[ ]]`, and made even more challenging for those with dyslexia. When the nested list contains more text and levels than I've included in this example from a clean vault, it makes for quite a messy search result

Proposed solution

I don't know exactly what the solution is, but I don't propose removing this feature, since I imagine seeing that a result is nested could be beneficial for some people (even me sometimes). But having the option to remove the additional spaces in front of a sub-list in the search results and/or extending live preview/reading mode to the search results could be beneficial. Conversely, since it would add more characters, showing the indentation guides in search results could be helpful, since they help to guide the eye.

Open to other suggestions, of course.

Related feature requests (optional)

Edit: Adding a screen shot.
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