Note size limit

Is there a know official/unofficial size limit of a note. I have many small/atomic notes, but now I’m outlining them into a structure, and beginning actual draft writing. Consequently, my outline ‘note’ will become large over time. Probably over a gig just in text.

Has anyone reported problems with big notes.

Secondly, should I be doing this at all? Should I be outlining and drafting in another tool besides Obsidian?


Sorry I haven’t an actual answer to your question (I think that’s a question for the developers).

Just an idea: if there is such a limit you could split your outline note into chapters and ![[include]] them into one, large master note.

There are plugins which allow to edit such includes in place.

That would be absolutely huge!
I think the bible is under 5MB.

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oh, that’s a test i’d like to try to discover… answer tomorrow i hope.

Thank you. Any effort to determine limits would be greatly appreciated. I’m just attempting to determine if at some point you should not be using what is designed to be a note taking tool, even if that tool has outlining capabilities. Instead, there may be a point you should be using a tool designed for actually writing/outlining.

I love the zotero/obsidian integration for the research part of the workflow. But I’m beginning to suspect that there should be an integration from obsidian to an actual writing tool.

Maybe I’m wrong?