Note Metadata: URL

Not to be confused with Obsidian’s URL scheme


Add support for url: tag in YAML header files, like we already have support for aliases: and tags:


YAML header

aliases: [My Alias]
tags: [myTag]


  • Users could Opt-Click a note name and Obsidian would automatically open the note’s associated URL in their default browser
  • This allows each note to optionally have an associated URL just like apps like DEVONThink.
  • Perfect for Zettelkasten literature notes
  • Simple, first class metadata support which can be used by future Obsidian updates and third-party plugins

Room for Future Development

  • since a URL could be other apps, not just websites, the URL could be anything, including DT, Drafts, or OmniFocus URL’s.
  • Obsidian could automatically find backlinks for any time that URL was mentioned in other notes
  • Obsidian could create “clipper” extensions for browsers like Chrome (like Evernote’s web clipper). When a website is clipped, the URL would be auto added to the url: field in the YAML header
  • Obsidian could automatically fetch metadata from that URL. See: Automatically fetch and import metadata using Open Graph Protocol -> YAML Metadata

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Just a suggestion to check out the excellent MarkDownload extension which does what you describe.

Fantastic suggestion.

So this feature would further empower web clippers by offering a uniform, first-class way to save urls.

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