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Sometimes you get lost in your Obsidian vault. Maybe you surf through your web of knowledge and then you get distracted with something (maybe an errand). When you return focus to your vault, you’re on a note that you have no recollection being on. You look to the File Explorer and you can find it right away, and having folders doesn’t help the situation. Sure you can navigate back to the previous note, but what if your vault was closed? You can’t navigate backwards that way. You have this note that you have no clue how to find in less than 5 seconds.

Something that a “note/file location” indicator can fix.


I think I like this idea, but I’m not sure I totally follow. Where would you put this indicator? How does it work?

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Agreed. I just encountered a few times today creating new notes dynamically (using inline [[]] and then clicking) and took awhile to find where they are located. A breadcrumb of the folder location (as an option) would seem useful.


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I would like a button to expand the tree and focus (and highlight somehow) the file in the tree would be great. I would even more like the tree to follow the file I am in. So when I follow a link to a different file it’s location in the tree is automatically expanded, focused and highlighted… but that is just me :slight_smile:

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There is a similar thread here:

Show the full path to the note in the title.

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How would a note location help in this use case?

Not disagreeing; it’s just not clear.

  • If you are trying to find a note in the File Explorer pane, to move it in to it’s proper folder.
  • If you need to see where the note is, to go edit the file on the filesystem for any reason.
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I think this is particularly a solution that would help if you have folders and sub-folders, but if its flat and everything is in the same section, you can simply scroll for it.

I think the bottom, right next to the “backlinks”, “words”, “characters” indicators would be a cool choice. I think its simple enough and there seems to be enough space there to include one. Besides that, I thought about including it in some way in the “More Options” section, but there are probs more creative ways to present it.

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I really like this idea. I personally don’t mind at least knowing where my file is, but for Obsidian to take me to my file in the Explorer is pretty dope.

My answer was lost when the topics are joined;
Good alternative is VSC like approach

The breadcrumb is displayed under the file name

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@jellishero @echej In that case, is this request the same as Allow show folder path in title?

If it was a breadcrumb display like that, it would be great to also have the ability to copy/paste the text as a filepath. (I don’t know if you can in VSC.)


In VSC this is possible by using right click menu

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I think its pretty much the same in that we want to see the file location, but I wasn’t entirely sure what anshbansal (OP of the related post) was getting at when he was talking about “when editing”. I just had in mind a thought that I just want to retrieve the file location in case I get “lost” in my ZK. It was pretty much my go-to thought in order to determine what area of my vault I’m in.

I think @echej offered a neat VSC example on how to access it, with the copy location option. I first thought placing it in the bottom would be neat. It doesnt really matter to me how we can do it so long as its with ease; but in continuing with “ease”, the ability to copy/paste location would be cool, as considered by @rigmarole and @echej, but also the ability to take us to the file in the Explorer (suggested by @johw) would be neat ways to help us determine where we are in the vault. And as a throw-in, maybe a way to take us to the file location in the graph view would be cool as well (although not as important an addition as the others, imho).

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