Note infinite scroll / opening folder of notes

I’ve implemented something similar, see here. I generate MOCs automatically based on the folder tree.

What’s the relation between and Obsidian?

Has someone found a reasonable way to recreate that infinite daily page scroll feel of Roam et al.?

Daily Notes Viewer embeds a list of daily pages, which technically gives you a continuous view of past daily pages. But since they are embeds, you can’t edit the notes, and they have that embed feel & look.

What you need is to be able to edit embeds.

time, capacity, money

, i suppose

+1 need this real bad

i think this post should also be a feature request

Yep, it already is: Continuous View - Scrivener Like

And this is a plugin idea in case someone else wants to build it in the meantime.

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Yes, 100% agree that this should be the default behavior. I imagine it borrowing from the nvALT UI.

This is one of the views available in Tangent Notes. Entirely editable.

Given Obsidian’s foundation in local markdown files, it’s very easy to use more than one program with those files. I tend to work most with Tangent and Canvas. In the past I’ve had both Obsidian and Tangent (and others) open on the same directory and sometimes on the same file.
Tangent uses Obsidian syntax (just starting to diverge eg with highlighting and comments), so it’s easy just to use it as a different view on an Obsidian vault.


very nice,
thank you .

+1 from me as well.

I tried Reflect and love an infinity scroll both into the past AND the future. LogSeq only makes it possible to scroll into the past, but I love to also note things down in the future for project planning, etc.


This is a great feature of Reflect.

+1 love this idea too