Note does not stayed docked in sidebar on desktop after mobile app syncs

Notes docked in the sidebar used to persist and stayed docked there when closing and re-opening Obsidian desktop. Now that I’ve started using the new mobile app on my phone they no longer persist after the mobile app syncs any changes.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add a note to the left sidebar.
  2. Open Obsidian on iPhone with the same vault and do anything that causes it to sync, i.e. like editing any note.
  3. Close Obsidian desktop and re-open it. The note that was docked to the left sidebar is no longer there and needs to be re-added.

Expected result

Notes docked in the sidebar on the desktop should persist after closing and re-opening Obsidian.

Actual result

After closing and re-opening Obsidian desktop the note is no longer docked in the sidebar.


  • Operating system: desktop - MacOS 11.4 / mobile - iOS 14.6
  • Obsidian version: desktop - 0.12.10 / mobile - 1.03

Additional information

Syncing the Vault via iCloud.


Obsidian desktop before synching vault on iPhone:

Obsidian desktop after synching vault on iPhone:

If you’re using the same .obsidian folder for syncing the config, it will also sync the workspace config, which contains the pane layout.
On mobile it’s not possible to have a note in the sidebar, so I suppose it’ll overwrite the workspace config and sync it back.
That’s not really a bug though, unless I’m missing something.

Is that the “Override config folder” setting? I saw that earlier when browsing the settings but didn’t realize it is device-specific and would let me have a separate settings folder for mobile. I’ll try it later today - sounds like this will solve the problem for me.


Yes, that’s the one. If you rename it now, it should keep the current settings and use the renamed folder from now on for mobile.

I’ve moved this to resolved help now, if there’s anything else and you can’t reply here, just contact me directly and I’ll reopen it.

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Thanks, I just tried it and it resolved the issue.

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