Note composer plugin: add an option to extract selection to note with zettelkasten timestamp as the filename

The note composer plugin can be used to extract a selection to a new note, but currently there is no option to pre-define what the filename of this new note would be. Please add an option to automatically make the filename of this new note as the current zettelkasten timestamp. I think this would benefit users who makes notes with zettelkasten timestamp as the filename.

Actually this is relevant more in the obsidian android app than the desktop app. Because unlike the case of desktop oses, android does not have a good text-replacer apps (like espanso for desktop oses).

Check the Obsidian42 Text Transporter plugin. It is already in the community plugins list and it allows you to do what you are trying to do and much more.

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Would like to resurrect this FR. It seems simpler for the Devs to add this an option to their Note Composer.