Non-reading view mode, copy long text, not scroll

Why in the non-reading view mode, select a very long content, the content that pulled down to the bottom of the screen will stop?And the page will not be automatically scrolled.
It is possible in reading view mode, but formatting and pictures in the text cannot be copied in this mode.

If I’m in source mode, I can start selecting text with the mouse, and when I hover over the source window it’ll scroll happily down towards the end of the document. (Tested with some short and longish document (the latter around 10K characters))

What do you do, and how does it behave in your case? And which version of Obsidian (and the installer) are you using?

thanks, don’t know why
Version 1.1.16 (Installer 1.1.16) macos
like this

Does it work in the Help > Open Help > Sandbox vault?

Does it work if you try a different theme?

Does CMD A work to select all the text?

Does it work if you start at the bottom of the page and scroll upwards?

Does it work if you place your cursor at the top of the page, hold down the shift key, scroll down the note, and then tap the note again while still holding the shift key (everything between the two taps should be selected)?


  1. Help > Open Help > Sandbox vault
    also has this problem
  2. Try default theme
    also has this problem
  3. CMD A can select all the text
  4. start at the bottom of the page and scroll upwards
    work fine
  5. add shift, can select, but cannot scroll downwards, upwards works fine

all of these in Sandbox mode acts the same

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If you go out of full screen, and make the window a little lower, can you then drag below the lower edge of the window and then continue the marking operation?

I’m kind of suspecting that the area for when it should trigger the scrolling is very small, and that you’re not able to enter it (unless you can go past the lower edge).

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You are right!
Doesn’t work in full screen or bottom aligned screen edge. When the window is small, the mouse moving out of the window works fine
This is a bug… Maybe I should report it

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