Full screen or bottom aligned screen edge, in non-reading view, selecting long text downwards page not scroll

In non-reading view mode, select a very long content, the content that pulled down to the bottom of the screen will stop?And the page will not be automatically scrolled.
It works in reading view mode, but formatting and pictures in the text cannot be copied in this mode.

M1 mac, Version 1.1.16 (Installer 1.1.16)

discussed here

Is this the default theme in the screen recording? Try these steps, fill out the bug report template, and report back. Thanks!

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I did it in Sandbox mode

Is it ok

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In full-screen mode, with the latest version of Obsidian and the latest installer running on macOS, I get the same error in my own vault and the sandbox.

Please follow the bug report template.

I’ve seen this bug when Obsidian is zoomed (Opt+click green window button). When the sandbox vault appears it takes the full height of the screen (between menubar and bottom) but selecting below window edge works. When I zoom the window so it fills the whole screen below the menubar, it doesn’t work.

Obsidian 1.1.16, installer 1.1.9, MacOS 13.2.1, Live Preview.

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I’ve seen this bug when Obsidian is full-screen or window bottom line aligned screen edge.
When the sandbox vault appears, in obsidian non-full screen mode or when there is a distance between the bottom of the window and the screen, long text is selecting in preview and source view, page scrolling works normally when it is pulled down to the bottom. When the bottom of the fullscreen or obsidian window is aligned to the bottom of the screen, it doesn’t work.

Obsidian 1.1.16, installer 1.1.9, MacOS 13.2.1, Live Preview and Source view