Nitpick: rename "Make a copy of" to "Duplicate"

Use case or problem

Everywhere I look (at least on macOS), the functionality for “Make a copy of” is called “Duplicate”. I thought I could get used to the awkward name after a while, but it’s been 6 months and the inconsistency still bothers me, so I thought I’d throw that out there as a nitpick FR. Feel free to close if it’s not worth your time.

Proposed solution

Rename “Make a copy of” to “Duplicate”.

Current workaround (optional)

Wait a few more years to get used to it.


Use case or problem

On Apple platforms (MacOS and iOS), typically the “make a copy” contextual menu item is labelled “duplicate”

From the Apple Human Interface Guidelines:

Prefer Duplicate to menu items like Save As, Export, Copy To, and Save To because these items don’t clarify the relationship between the original file and the new one.

I always struggle to find the item because I’m used to looking for the word duplicate, instead of copy when I’m working on my Mac.

Proposed solution

I understand that other platforms may prefer to use copy over duplicate, so change the item wording to match the platform that Obsidian is running on for a more native experience.

Dup. Nitpick: rename "Make a copy of" to "Duplicate"

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Same — this slows me down every time.