Next/Previous Daily Note hotkeys does not work with subfolders

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new vault
  2. Enable daily notes plugin
  3. Assign ‘Alt-d’ to 'Daily notes: Open today’s daily note
  4. Assign ‘Alt-n’ to 'Daily notes: Open next daily note
  5. Assign ‘Alt-p’ to 'Daily notes: Open previous daily note
  6. Set 'YYYY/M/YYYY-MM-DD as daily note date format
  7. Create and set /journal as folder for daily notes
  8. Hit ‘Alt-d’ to go to todays daily note. Edit it
  9. Create similar notes for yesterday and tomorrow in the same folder

Expected result

‘Alt-p’ and ‘Alt-n’ would result in going to previous and next daily notes, respectively

Actual result

‘Alt-d’ navigates to the correct note. Nothing happens when pressing ‘Alt-p’ and ‘Alt-n’.


I am using Obsidian 12.16 on Ubuntu Linux

Additional information

This did work earlier, but stopped working a few minor releases ago.

No messages appear in the developer console.

We do not support this. Please, open a feature request.

Ok. See feature request

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