Newbie's Quick Questions

Hi, I’m here via Mac Power Users podcast, which just devoted a whole show to Obsidian.

If anyone has patience, I couldn’t find satisfying answers in the help materials (I probably chose poor search terms):

  1. Is there a way to password-protect certain notes, beyond overall vault security? I’d like fast-expiring security challenges for notes containing, say, sensitive medical or financial data (especially on mobile), like Apple Notes offers.

  2. Re: current inability to preview Markdown in-app, ouch. Are there workarounds better than, like, copy/pasting to/from Marked 2?

  3. Can anyone point me to a motherlode of know-how re: importing from Apple Notes?

Sync offers end to end encryption. No way to password protect a specific note.

You can open the same note you’re writing in preview mode and pin it. That way you always see a preview of what you’re writing.

Some themes minimize the markdown code, so it’s easier to read. A Typora-like/WYSIWIG editor is on the way.

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Search the forum for Apple Notes solutions. Here’s one:

That’s some steps but looks pretty comprehensive.

I found a lot of freedom not importing everything from Notes. I pulled work/career stuff over and left family stuff in Notes. So I can share it with other family members as needed.

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Both replies much appreciated, austin!

FWIW, my feature request re: password protection of individual notes, going into some depth explaining the use case, is here.

I bailed my recipes out of Evernote (a hellish export that messed up formatting) and wedged them uncomfortably into Apple Notes a few years ago. Would love to finally settle them into Obsidian. Is there any one holy thread on extra-clever recipe integration in Obsidian anyone can point me toward? I’m guessing best-practice would be to go, whenever possible, back to the original web source of each and re-clip.

Hi @JimLeff. It’s so great to have you here.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe anyone has talked about using Obsidian for recipes here, so there isn’t a “holy thread on extra-clever recipe integration in Obsidian” to point you towards. The only thing that is somewhat related is Nat Eliason’s video on using Roam Research for recipes:

You are right—it’s probably best to go back to the source and put them into Obsidian yourself. Maybe you will dig out some old recipes your forgot about! If you figure out a good way to use recipes in Obsidian, I’m sure others would love to hear about it in the #share-showcase category :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ok, good, I’ll be the pioneer!

I’ll fool around with it and post my results. Thanks!

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