Option to Password Protect Certain Notes

Apple Notes lets you password protect certain notes, expiring access fairly quickly (on mobile, verification is of course via Face or Touch ID). I use this for notes containing particularly sensitive financial and medical information. Concern is not so much re: hackers as in-home snoopers and looky-loos. Especially on mobile (I frequently let guests, friends, and family use my iPad).

I realize not everyone needs this, but I’d imagine it’s easily implemented and ought to be non-intrusive. And for those requiring it, it’s kind of a gaping lack in Obsidian (which seems great, btw…I just discovered it!).


there is a plugin to encrypt certain portion of notes

Thanks, WhiteNoise.

Are you referring to the plugin to encrypt the entire vault? It would make normal notes too painfully inaccessible if we had to keep verifying to use the app.

There is clear need for individual note password protection. That’s why Apple offers it.

not it’s per note/selected text

It’s called Meld Encrypt

Found it, here, thanks.

It’s not precisely what I’d like, and I do think individual note security deserves to be a full-fledged in-build feature, but this will definitely do as a workaround for now. Thanks again!