Newbie question: I zoomed way too much on my Obsidian user interface and I can't go back

Things I have tried

Hi! I accidentally zoomed the Obsidian workspace interface while typing my notes and now it’s blocked like this:

I tried with cntrl + - and so on but nothing changes
Thank you very much!!

What I’m trying to do

For me it’s CTRL + “-” ( Not the numeric -, the key with the underscore ).

Thank you but I already tried and it doesn’t work :frowning:

This might be related to this: Zoom does not work with all keyboard layouts
Obsidian does not know which keyboard layout you use. For scrolling, it seems to presume that your keybard is US english. Locate the key on your keyboard which would be used for ‘-’ on the US English keyboard.

I did it! Thank you very much


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