New theme : Harmonic

Hi there,
I created a theme I use every day and wanted to share it.
It works with style setting plugin to customize many visual parameters.


Looks great! Have you considered renaming the repo, get some fuller screenshots, and then submit it to the theme store?

Thank you, I am a newbie !! By “fuller screenshot”, you mean bigger size or a better image cover ?

I submitted it to the theme store !

You can check out the other theme covers. Basically something that shows as many features of your theme as possible, and a screenshot of the full Obsidian including top bar and status bar would be ideal.

Wow. Awesome.

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

@Thiews. Even among all the grogeous, customizable themes now available for Obsidian, this one stands out. I like the logo option too. I inserted a favourite quote instead and it inspires me every time I open up Obsidian. Super work!


Thank you so much !! Happy you enjoy using it !! I keep updating it often for the moment, if you didn’t have done yet, push the button update in the store ! I suppose you use the “Style settings” plugin with it, it’s a must have !

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Hi there ! I made some theme enhancements I would like to share
With the style settings plugin you now can :

  • add the possibility to invert color between page and sidebars
  • choose between 3 different sidebars designs
  • choose between text font and header font for the sidebars
  • add a writing focus feature (highlight the paragraph you’re writing, faint the others)
  • customize blockquote
  • add css for html to make cards (.cards-2, .cards-3), columns (.columns-2, .columns-3), aside, menu (.menu-page, .menu-page-v2)
  • add css for dataview to display table with filename, date and cover like a list of articles
    Hope you enjoy using the theme !

This theme is absolutely gorgeous. Have been stumbling around between themes that aligned with the colour scheme I preferred (nord) and themes that had a UI structure that I liked (particularly in Harmonic I find the left hand directory panel to be stunning). Style setting plugin was a breeze to use. Again, amazing work. Your next coffee is definitely on me.

Thank you so much !! I tried to make something easy to use, very customizable , with harmonious colors (to my eyes !!). Glad you enjoy using it !!

A few enhancements :

  • design on phone (with automatic display of an edit/preview button
  • more custom css element (See more)
  • the possibility to capitalize first letter of a paragraph (in Style settings : Make pages pop)

I just added a few advanced checkbox options :

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In Style settings menu, I just added

  • a live preview theme style and a WYSIWYG mode for markdown source view,
  • more options to customize navigation folder panel

A few images to sum up what you can customize with the theme :

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Harmonic is my favorite theme – and it keeps on giving. Thank you very much @Thiews for all your work on Harmonic.

Thank you @RoyRogers !! Glad you enjoy it !

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You can now download presets for the theme : Obsidian-Harmonic/theme-presets at main · Thiews/Obsidian-Harmonic · GitHub and share yours !

Harmonic v2.1 is out

Design additions (via style settings plugin)

  • Navigation folder panel
    • Now 6 styles
    • Dark background in light mode
  • Now 2 styles for page title
  • Internal and external links customization (icon, color, underline width)
  • Checkboxes
    • checkbox customization (rounded or squared)
    • add custom checkboxes
      • Done (- [X])
      • In progress (- [/])
      • Late (- [L])
      • Removed (- [-])
      • Transferred (- [>])
      • Deferred (- [D])
      • Question (- [?])
      • Research (- [R])
      • Information (- [i])
      • Location (- [l])
      • Important (- [!])
  • New menu in style settings to customize more parameters (but risks to break color harmony)
    • main panel color
    • sidebar panel color
    • text color
    • bold and italic color
    • Text folder color
    • Text file color
    • Links (internal and external)
    • tags (text and background colors)
  • Grid image display

Custom css

added :

  • ![img-large](link) (or ![[link|img-large]) to display a image larger than the text section width
  • ![img-full-width](link) (or ![[link|img-full-width]) to display a full width image


  • Dataview : table re-designed
  • Checklist : font size and color fixed

26 Theme presets

(Obsidian-Harmonic/theme-presets at main · Thiews/Obsidian-Harmonic · GitHub)

Issue fixed in live preview mode

  • fullwidth mode in edit mode
  • collapse indicators don’t show up well