New theme : Harmonic

Hi Thiews, your theme harmony is my new favorite one ! Great geat work !
But (there is always a but) there is an issue when I use it : in editor mod, there is a vertical white stripe in every file, hiding the text behind (it’s like 3 ou 4 characters wide). It tried to download it again, and it changes nothing. When I try another theme, there is no issue…
thks in advance for your return

That’s weird, I don’t have this issue ! Are you in legacy mode ? Have you updated the theme and have the latest Obsidian version ?

I have the latest versions of Obsdian and the theme. Indeed, I’m in legacy mode, in live preview this stripe disappears… but it’s annoying me, because some plugins aren’t working with Live Preview yet.
Do you want me to send you a picture of my screen, or anything else ?

Yes send me a picture !

Thank you for making my favorite theme!