New properties - add a toggle for source mode

Great new feature “properties”. The best part is that I now can autocomplete the tags.
However a global switch between source mode and visible or hidden is not enough. I’d need a per document toggle (can be temporary as long as the editor is open) to toggle into source mode.

Use case or problem

I have already tags and aliases maintained. However they are in a [ … ] format. I’d like to be able to change the formatting in the source mode.

Proposed solution

Have a comand that dynamically toggles the visible and source mode.

Current workaround (optional)

Leaving it permanently in source mode. This robs me of the autocomplete, which is really useful.

Related feature requests (optional)

Why don’t you use GitHub - bwydoogh/obsidian-force-view-mode-of-note ?

We already have Toggle Live Preview/Source mode command but you have to exit Reading view to use that command.

Also when creating notes, you can use QuickAdd to configure source/live preview when the created note is opened. This is different from Force note view mode, since you only set the view mode when you have created the note. I think by default view mode is tab-based when you open notes, so you cannot have different view modes when navigating using the left side bar. However this behavior is different when tab history navigation with back/forward buttons is used. In that case view mode is preserved by note level.

I don’t personally recommend using properties for configuring view mode. It adds unnecessary clutter to your notes (and particularly in the properties side view). On the other hand we already have checkbox property types and Obsidian implements some default properties. With this in mind Obsdian could introduce new default properties, view mode being one obvious candidate. Other less obvious new default property candidates would be scroll position and spell checking. You can preserve scroll position using Remember cursor position plugin.

Also when using Advanced URI plugin, it supports viewmode-parameter. This is a way to configure the view mode when opening a note without using frontmatter.

Thanks for the suggestion

Wow, this a very advanced answer. I appreciate you helping me out here. I must say I need to schedule some time to actually understand all this.

I realized that I have what I need by going from -preview mode into full source mode and editing there. then go back into preview.

I don’t really need a mode to toggle only properties into source.

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