Properies UI when in Source mode

Use case or problem

Edit: For the time-being, I’ve split the editor down the middle and have dragged File properties for X panel to one side which works quote well. Now I have it and both side panels open, it does reduce the screen real-estate, but at least I can see the Properties UI, almost in full, at a glance most of the time. I’d probably be happier seeing it once each time I open a file in Source mode as suggested by this FR, rather than leaving it open at all times. With it open at all times, it kind of makes seeing the front matter in Source mode redundant (it would be nice if front matter could be collapsed by default across all notes).

We can set the Properties in document setting to Source and see the source (YAML / JSON front matter) representation when in both Source and Live Preview (LP) modes, but when set to Visible, the source mode still shows the source representation of Properties. This of course makes good sense to be able to see the raw source in full, but it could also be a choice when in Source mode too.

I basically never touch the LP mode simply because I do not like it for some basic reasons (for example, ** with no text in between cannot be detected unless you happen to click the line which contains it). Since I always work in Source mode, it means I typically only get to see the graphical representation of the front matter (Properties) when I switch to Reading mode to check the rendered Markdown (and I’m often not scrolled to the top when I switch, meaning seeing the Properties UI is even more rare).

The Properties UI makes it much easier to detect the state of boolean true|false toggle values compared to front matter text at a glance, and it also provides convenient auto-suggestions to fill in values. If I could see the Properties UI in Source mode, I’d interact with it much more often and find it easier to tell which notes have publish toggled true for example when opening a file to begin editing.

Proposed solution

We could choose between four combinations: Source mode with front matter source or the Properties UI displayed, and the same options for LP mode. Instead of these options being tucked away in the Settings window, they could be set via right-clicking on the Properties header (or first --- line when represented as source). Whatever each is set to would apply to any note in LP / Source mode respectively. The defaults would be to show source front matter in Source mode, and the Properties UI in LP mode.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Continue to interact with front matter as source only.
  • Always toggle to LP / Reading mode and scroll up to see the user-friendly Properties.
  • Always keep the sidebar panel open on the All properties panel.
  • Switch to using LP mode (not ideal for me).

Related feature requests (optional)

This is the same as this closed FR.


Just to check that I understand:

  • you want the note to be in source mode, while having the properties displayed in reading/live-preview mode

Is that correct?