New plugin: Readwise

Hey everyone.

I’m working on a new plugin that allows you to sync your Readwise highlights into your vault.

Check it out here: GitHub - renehernandez/obsidian-readwise.

This is the first release, so the plugin only offers minimal functionalities. I have plan to add new features in the future. Feedback and ideas are more than welcome.

The plugin is yet to be added into the community plugin list. Waiting for feedback and approval of PR Add new obsidian-readwise plugin by renehernandez · Pull Request #236 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub


My first suggestion: Include a GIF in the README file to demonstrate the plugin in action.


Good idea! Thanks

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I’m SO EXCITED! Hold me back from installing manually.

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The plugin has been published already and available for download/update within the Community Plugins sections.

@Licat (I assume you are lishid in github based the avatar) thanks for the support and guidance. This has been my first deep dive in a typescript project :smile:

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So I’ve downloaded and run the plugin and it’s telling me that no new highlights were found and everything is up to date. But it didn’t download anything to begin with? What am I doing wrong?

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After some testing around, I believe it will only pull in highlights made after the plugin has been enabled.

It sends a time stamp in the API call to only look for highlights within a range.

I previously exported all my highlights with the markdown tool on the readwise website.


Ok, I did some new highlights and confirmed it’s working. Thanks!


@arminta @shabegom Yes, it’s a restriction is there for 2 main reasons:

  • Allowing download of all existing highlights could trigger rate limiting of the Readwise API and I haven’t implemented support for that yet (it requires more logic in terms of retrying requests, pagination, etc)
  • If you already have many highlights and for whatever reason don’t have the id stored as highlight_id: <id> it would insert highlights again, leading to a potential mess in your vault

Hello Rene,

I enabled your plugin in obsidian. However, it would not sync my readwise highlights (for a test I connected it to my kindle).

I am not sure why the sync doesn’t work.

How can I get help? Thx

Can you share the output of the Chrome Dev Tools when you run the plugin? The plugin will only try to sync things from the last time it ran (or was installed)

Hey Rene, thanks for making this plugin. Any idea why, once installed, the plugin does not appear (and thus can’t be configured) in the settings of Obsidian’s mobile app, currently in beta? The plugin installs just fine, but it can’t be configured.

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This is a problem with every plugin that attempts to add an item to the status bar.

The status bar doesn’t exist on mobile (it’s the bar at the bottom of the desktop app). Right now, a plugin that attempts to add something to the status bar fails silently on the mobile app. You’ll notice that there will be an error displayed if you try to disable the plugin.

The easiest solution would be for our fearless leader @Licat to ignore adding to the status bar on the mobile app. Alternatively, individual plugins could check that isMobile === false before attempting to add to the status bar.

Long story short, it’s a bug that affects many plugins on mobile right now.

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Good to know. I’ll add a check for it

qq— I’m exporting my previous readwise highlights as one giant markdown export before I start using this— is there a way figured out how to change the datetime format in the readwise markdown export to YYYY-MM-DD? the current markdown export is in the roam format ( eg May 3, 2021).

I tried looking up how to use Jinja, but a but confused how that would look in the metadata template

This has been fixed on version 0.0.5. Install or update to get the fix

I believe that would need to be handled within Readwise itself, but I haven’t played with the Markdown exporter at all. I was busy building the plugin :smile:

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and bless you for it! I was just curious. Thank you so much for this

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Quick question, how does the plug-in handle page titles that have prohibited characters in them, such as “:” and “|”? (I haven’t figured out how to change how Readwise names the articles generally - only as part of specific export integrations that are officially supported by Readwise)


This function obsidian-readwise/fileDoc.ts at main · renehernandez/obsidian-readwise · GitHub is invoked to sanitize the title name