New plugin: Obsidian Python lab

Dear community,

I’ve just released the ‘python lab’ plugin that I made to experiment with python in obsidian. (and perhaps other languages)

The plugin was born as a simple plugin to test ‘finding similar notes’ algorithms in python but evolved into something more general that now can handle list, texts, chat, etc.

It’s mostly an app that exposes scripts.

That then is configured through settings.

To be used in obsidian.

The plugin can be installed from obsidian.

I Would love some feedback on the plugin, and please feel free to share any cool script that others could use. :smiley:


Oohhhh I have to take this for a spin. I’ve never used Flask, so it may take a while, though :woozy_face:

Awesome job, amazing potential. Thank you very much!

I tried to simplify the ‘server’ in this example: Opl hello world example · GitHub the idea is to modify the run() method… :slight_smile:

This is interesting! I have a messy Python script I use to generate an index note (and do some minor network analysis via printing to console) here: GitHub - kcereru/automated-knowledge-base-index: A quick script to automatically write an file for a Zettelkasten-like knowledge base of markdown files.

I’ll have to try this plugin out.

Hi @cristian,
Thanks a lot for this plugin!
I don’t use Flask but I love Streamlit for its ease of use, have you tried to run it with Obsidian Python Lab?

I think it should work, the plugin expects any json API.

That Streamlit thing looks amazing!

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This looks nice, I have to try it out. Does it cluster the notes for you?

I did a little experiment with the networkx lib and the obsidian pyrhon lab plugin here: GitHub - cristianvasquez/prototype_05

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