New plugin: No More Flickering Inline Math

New in v0.3.0:
:tada: Now this plugin automatically removes hidden braces when you escape from an inline math!

Hi all,

Let me share my new plugin No More Flickering Inline Math, which lets you work with inline math much more comfortably!

With this plugin, you will be no longer disturbed by the flickering inline math!

Turned OFF Turned ON
Turned OFF Turned ON

Thank you to those who shared their ideas on the forum!


You can find it in Obsidian’s community plugins browser.

Also, you can participate in the beta-testing of the latest version by installing it using BRAT.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Obsidian doesn’t recognize $[space]...$ or $...[space]$ as a math.
So, when an inline math $...$ is found, this plugin inserts {} at the beginning and end of it:

${} ... {}$

These brackets are then hidden so that you are not disturbed by them.

And importantly, they are automatically deleted when you escape from $...$, so you don’t need to worry about messing up your notes with braces!

If you’re interested in what’s going on under the hood, go to the plugin setting > Debug mode, and turn on “Disable decorations”.

But just in case, this plugin also offers the following commands to surely clean up the braces:

  • Clean up braces in this note
  • Clean up braces in all the opened notes

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FYI I believe appending the empty unicode character to the start and end of an equation also prevents flickering while being a bit less intrusive to the source code.

By empty unicode character I mean “Braille Pattern Blank” Obsidian seems to not consider it whitespace.

Wow, I’m so sorry I was missing your reply… Now this plugin automatically removes braces when escaping from an inline math, so the choice of inserted characters is no longer a big issue, I believe. But thank you for the suggestion!