New plugin: Kindle Highlights

Thank you for this great plugin! Quick question - how do you hide the kindle sync data at the top of each import?

Thank you very much for the plugin! I enjoy using it but is there a way you can support the ipad? I have a Mac and login in to it to sync the highlights but I prefer using my ipad when possible since it’s a lot more convenient and nicer (2022 iPad Air with m1 vs 2016 MacBook Pro).

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Hey, love the plugin! Just wondering if it’s possible to remove the ^ref at the end of highlights. It’s a bit annoying when I export them for Anki cards. Please see the attached screenshot :slight_smile:


Does someone know how to export the chapter a highlight is in the book? If I lookup the highlights in my kindle itself it tells me the chapter it is in as a headline. I would love to have this in my notes as well but cannot figure out the right template string.

(PS: My kindle is in German so I had to guess the right translations :sweat_smile:)

Love the plugin and thanks for creating it. I am new to Obsidian, but wondered if there is a way to have each highlight as a separate item in the vault rather than as a part of a book item? I think this would make it easier to hyperlink between the more atomic items of info. Thanks

You can also block links to link directly to a passage in the note belonging to the Kindle book.

Is there a way to break each highlight into an individual note? Ideally I’d love an automated way. Going hand by hand would take too long.


Fantastic plugin. I have one question. When I was importing my Kindle Highlights from Readwise, each highlight had a location link. When clicked on, that link would open the Kindle for PC app and relevant book, going directly to the highlight. This plugin also creates a location link, but when the link is clicked it refers back to the Obsidian vault and creates a new note. The location links do not seem to be associated with an external app. Can that association be created? BTW, I sync MyClippings file, not my Amazon account, if that matters.

I have the same question. I’m new here. Is anyone able to tell us how to set which folder the highlights come into?

Hello @hadynz - thank you for this wonderful plugin.

Similar to @vdavis0312 I also get instances where highlights are truncated.

I thought it was due to a length limit on highlights but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as I have several very long highlights that are not truncated.

Can you share any insight on this issue?

Thank you!