New plugin: Kindle Highlights

Thank you for this plugin. It is working well for me except for one thing: on some highlights, the text gets truncated. It seems very random when it occurs, and is not related to the length of the highlight. Is there something you know of that is causing this so that I don’t have to go back in and type everything that is missing? Thank you.

Truncated highlights are often appearing in Readwise too. So probably the issue is not caused by this plugin. I wonder if it’s due to the Kindle side. I don’t know the reason why truncated highlights are shown.

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My solution was to switch to and their “Official Readwise Plugin”. Kindle and other sources sync perfectly, with tags and metadata that I’ve chosen. Much better product. is an excellent tool, you can choose which book/s are going to be synced. In my particular case and workflow, I prefer creating my tags directly on Obsidian. Each app is designed for different workflows and has its own fans.

On the other hand, this plugin gets the book’s ASIN and Amazon URL. There are also other interesting template variables - like: publisher, pages, publication and highlight.color - theoretically available.

I made some tests using this plugin (cloud’s way), however I’m still unable to retrieve some of them like: publisher, pages and highlight.color. Probably I’m doing something wrong.

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I’ve just installed this, and it looks wonderfully promising! I’m also using the Zotero integrations through MDNotes, and I’m trying to figure out a way to usefully crosslink or share notes from a book where I have it in Zotero (for good bibliography/Bibtex reasons) and in Kindle (for the text). Ideally, I’d like to be able to use in-text citations that I can put into latex, whether the item has come from a Kindle or Zotero, and see notes/highlights related to it.

So this is thinking out loud, but:

  • At the moment, all of my paper notes are in files named after their cite key, so links typically look like [[@kelvin2022TemperatureProblems]]. If I could get the Kindle plugin to use something like a citekey for the filenames, that would be a good step - then I could manually check that the citekey in Zotero matches, and I could cite the item whichever way it has been made
  • Alternatively, I could keep the Kindle books separate, still with filenames from the title, but add a ‘hopeful transclusion’ to all the literature notes I make about books, that would include the highlights from the Kindle if present.
  • I could even go as far as adding a highlights tag to the Kindle template, so I can transclude e.g. ![[Books/Book Title#^highlights]] in all of the literature notes.

Any thoughts? Or any alternative approaches?

Hey, thanks for the amazing plugin. However, I am running into a bit of an issue while using it. Every time I synchronise, the plugin will sync all of my highlights which is fine. But it also syncs a lot of useless stuff I don’t really want to import. So I went through the work of manually removing all highlights I do not want anymore. So going into kindle and manually removing the highlight so that for these books, no highlights exist anymore. But after syncing again, these books still show up with the same highlights. When I go into kindle, the highlights have been removed though.
Any idea how to fix this? I tried reinstalling the plugin and signing out and in again but nothing helped.

Forgive me if this question has already been asked/answered, is there a way to configure the plugin to specify certain books for which I want highlights? I can tell readwise which books to include for my sync, not sure how to do that with the new plugin (but I am not very skilled either). I appreciate the feedback and thank you for the plug in!!

Amazing Plugin! Unfortunately though, it will not differentiate between a highlight and a Note. Apparently my own notes are classified as normal highlights. I changed the region accordingly, but it still won’t work. Any idea how to fix this?

WOW! This is awesome! I tried and it worked perfectly. Then I realized that I wanted to place my books in a separate folder and change the formatting of the notes, which I did - only to discover that it now didn’t want to sync again. Can you help me with this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS It just says “Sycing data… Logging into” - Also I tried to click Sign out - it give me “Error. Could not sign out”. :confused:

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Hi, great job. Are you planning to do the same for Kobo e-reader?

Is there any way to create individual .md files for each highlight, rather than for each book, and just have a tag or metadata for those .md files linking them to each book? I’d prefer individual notes per highlight rather than per book.

I really love the Kindle Highlights, by any chance you can add amazon cn for logging the amazon account?

Thank you so much for this

Hi. Weird thing when connecting directly to Amazon to get my highlights: it only collects a few books, rather than all of them. Repeated syncs gets me to 20 of my 65 books that are highlighted. They load in just fine from the my clippings.txt file, however. Any clues?

THANKS for this, by the way. I’ve searched and searched for a way to get my highlights into Obsidian and am delighted to have this option!

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Hello @hadynz,
can you review my pull request?

It should fix the issue [BUG] Only one highlight per page is added · Issue #145 · hadynz/obsidian-kindle-plugin · GitHub

Haven’t tried this yet, but just wanted to say I love the idea and the feedback here sounds really promising. Really appreciate your hard work and wanted to thank you for contributing a real treasure to the community!

I love, love, love this plugin. Thank you so much for your time in creating it! I now have ALL my kindle notes available in Obsidian. This has quite an amazing effect. Now when I search for my notes, I’m often surprised with a passage I highlighted once upon a time containing the word or concept. It unlocks a whole new avenue to leverage my past highlights and remember past concepts that I can then build upon.
Thank you!

Of note: The plugin seems to have pulled in books that I thought I had deleted from the Kindle library (example: books I returned). Still looking into the source of the books that are not currently in my library but are in highlights folder after running the plugin.

Whereas I have 43 in my library, 62 were imported.

Just a bumpski to see if anyone has encountered a way to pull Audible notes/highlights/bookmarks from this or similar plugin.

I have a similar problem, not loading all my books :confused:

Newest versions work like a charm! I just have one question:

Why aren’t {{author}} and {{title}} variables available in the Highlight template? I want my highlights to to end with Author, Book Title, Page, Location.

Hi, this plugin is precious to me. I just can sync once. then then when calling the command to sync again, the screen stays in « login in to amazon… ».
I signed out in the options, then started a new sync, Amazon asks for login info and sync runs again.
I tried uninstaling the plugin but when reinstalling it I find back the info of last time I synced and how many books.
How can I reset totally the plugin ?
And do you also have this login problem when you sync anew?

Hello and thank you for creating this plugin.
I have just one question: how can I add France in the Amazon Regions drop down menu?
Thank you.