New Plugin: Heatmap Calendar

Hi all,

I’ve just released a progress tracker plugin called Heatmap Calendar for Obsidian. You can find it in the third-party plugins browser within the app.

Its intended to be used in tandem with Dataview JS to track Goals, Progress, Habits, Tasks, Exercise, New Year Resolutions, Finances or anything you want.


VERY HAPPY that someone is working on this! Great job OP, would love to see more work on this


Very cool plugin! Thank you very much. I have a question / feature proposal:
Is it possible to search for Data in Tags?
For example I am tracking Data with “obsidian-tracker”. Here you can add data to tags like this:
#mytag:15 or #mymultipledatatag:15/2/28

I´ve read the documentation of dataview but didn´t find a solution for searching data inside of tags.

If you want to have a look at the tracker:

Thank you very much for this plugin!!
I tried to adapt the code within the dataviewjs block in order to push to the calendar if a reoccurring task from a daily not is checked/completed or not I tried something like

for(let page of dv.pages('"PeriodicNotes/DailyNotes"').where(p => file.tasks.where(t => t.text === "NAME-OF-TASK").where(j => j.completed)){
        content: await dv.span(`[✅](${})`), //for hover preview

but it did not work. Can someone help out? Thanks.

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Did you find the solution to this one?

Unfortunately not :frowning:

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