New plugin: Daf Yomi

Are you doing Daf Yomi (reading a page of the Talumd a day)? Are you taking notes in Obsidian? Is the intersection of these two groups of people more than just me? :smile: Then you may be interested in a plugin that I wrote to prepare an Obsidian note page with Daf Yomi resources. Please see


You can select the date (the current date is the default) and the plugin will make a note page with links to resources about the day’s daf. See the Readme for more information about Daf Yomi and the plugin. Be sure to read the section on limitations.

I hope some of you will find this useful. Please don’t hesitate to open an issue, pull request or reply here if you have any suggestions or notice problems. Thanks!


I’ve made a few updates in the past two days. One is to add a new command that allows you to add a notes page by entering the tractate name and page number (instead of just the date). I’ve also added the “Daf Yomi Digest” as a resource.

Please let me know if anyone other than me finds this useful :smile: If nothing else, I’m learning that Obsidian plugins are very easy to update.

This is a good idea, thank you. I suggest you might want to add the daily commentary from Hadran.

I also use my own vault and folder structure for my daily Daf notes pages – a hierarchy by masekhet and perek – so it would be helpful if the plugin would create the page in the current perek folder where I am keeping notes rather than in a fixed folder.

Hi @anon27868835, Thanks very much for the feedback! I will try to make those changes in the next day or two. – Adam

Thank you. I see the Hadran link has been added. Just a note that in my experience the MJL links often are incorrect and redirected by the site to non-relevant pages, because MJL staff does not get around to publishing their daily daf email to their website. E.g., for most of Masekhet Sukka they have never posted the daily daf notes to their website. Nothing the plugin can do about that, of course.

Thanks - yes - I added Hadran. I see what you mean about MJL. I hadn’t noticed that myself as I’m about a week behind and haven’t caught up yet :slight_smile: Indeed, there’s not much I can do about the web page that comes up. Maybe we can complain to them … I’ll look to see if they have a feedback e-mail address.

The next change on my list is to eliminate the need to set the attachments directory in the plugin. Someone on Discord showed me how to get that from Obsidian itself.

Then I’ll look into your suggestion of dividing up the Daf’s by Perek.

By the way, I’m expecting a lot of things to break on 9/2 when we start Tractate Beitzah. Each site forms their URLs differently, including different spellings of the tractates. For some of the sites, including Hadran, I won’t know how they’ll handle Beitzah until that day comes. Expect an update that day. If there are still problems, then please let me know here or a Github issue.

Thanks again! I’m glad that you are finding this plugin useful – and your suggestions are making it more useful to me too. – Adam

Adam, this page will tell you how Steinsaltz tractates are named – it will be “Beitza”. On the Hadran landing page, the “Seach by Daf…” dropdown in the upper right quadrant give the same info for Hadran – it will be “Beitzah”. Chabad tends to follow the same orthography as Hadran.

Well, yes and no … the names they display are not necessarily exactly what they use in the URL. It’s a bit of a pain. For example, the Steinsaltz URL uses Beitza_RH/Beitza_2.pdf . Not sure what the _RH is doing in there. But anyway … it is what it is.

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We’ve started Tractate Beitzah! Everyone using the plugin should update to version 1.4 for the correct URLs. Also, the plugin now gets the attachment directory from Obsidian itself (thanks @pjeby for the code tips!) and you no longer set it in the plugin config.

Please open an issue on Github or reply here if you find a problem.

And I hope anyone affected by Ida or its remnants is staying safe!

Hi @anon27868835 - I’ve just released a version that will allow you to use the Perek (chapter) in your directory organization (and file name too). See the file for more information.

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I’ve just released v1.5 of the Daf Yomi plugin. There are some significant changes to the settings, so please be sure to read the file and look at the Changelog for other improvements. As usual, please send me comments, issues, and feature requests. And let me know if you are using this plugin! Thanks! – Adam

Hadran alach Massechet Beitzah! (We will return to you Tractate Beitzah)

On to Tractate Rosh Hashanah! I’ve released v1.6 with necessary updates to URLs. Note that MyJewishLearning hasn’t published yet, so I’m not sure if that link will work. Will check Monday morning and fix if necessary with a new release.

As usual, please send me comments, issues, and feature requests. And let me know if you are using this plugin! Thanks! – Adam

MyJewishLearning has finally started publishing their commentary to the web. I’ve released v1.6.1 which fixes the URL component (I guessed incorrectly).

Tractate Ta’anis starts today! The obsidian-daf-yomi plugin has been updated to version 1.7 with corrections to URLs and to handle a new numbering scheme from the steinsaltz-center (previous tractates are unaffected).

Another new Tractate! obsidian-daf-yomi v1.8 is ready for Megillah.

obsidian-daf-yomi v1.9 is ready for Tractate Moed Katan. There was a typo in v1.8 in the start date of this tractate. Please update, unless you want to try to read Megillah 33 :slight_smile:

obsidian-daf-yomi v1.10.0 is ready for Tractate Chagigah!

It now also opens the new Daf note when you run the command. I’ve noticed that the PDF doesn’t always fill in. You may have to go back to the previous note and forward again to see it.

Let me know if you have any issues!

obsidian-daf-yomi v1.11.0 is now ready for Tractate Yevamot!

This is a long tractate - the next one (Ketubot) isn’t until July!!

As usual, open an issue if you notice any problems. Happy studying!

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obsidian-daf-yomi v1.12.0 is now ready for Tractate Ketubot!

Yevamot was a long one (v1.11.0 was way back in March). Ketubot will last us into October! Happy studying!

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obsidian-daf-yomi v1.13.0 is now ready for Tractate Nedarim!

Happy Daf Yomi’ing!