New Plugin: Canvas Links, build link between file and canvas by "embed"

Hi all,

Obsidian uses the double bracket syntax([[]]) to link two notes. Similarly, the files embedded in the Canvas could be logically “linked” to the Canvas. they can be considered to be “Outgoing Links” of the Canvas. Correspondingly, the Canvas can be considered to be “Backlinks” of those files.

I have released a new plugin “Canvas Links” to implement that in Obsidian. The plugin

  • Register a view to show “outgoing links” of the canvas (Which files the active canvas contains)
  • Register a view to show “backlinks” of the canvas (Which canvases the active file embedded)
  • Support click an item in view to redirect the current file to it and change the view content accordingly
  • Support all filetype that Obsidian accepted


Check it out in Community Plugins or GitHub - aqav/obsidian-canvas-links: Add views to show "outgoing links" and "backlinks" of canvas in Obsidian.. Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for adding this plugin! It’s nearly exactly what I’m looking for. You are able to show a view of what notes the canvas contains and therefore which [[Links]] are there. Is there any way you can actually link to the documents in the canvas? Either by adding text to the notes or creating a ‘glossary’ style note in the canvas that links to all new notes created.

Canvas is a great place to start brainstorming and make new connections. But visual connections in the canvas are not actual links and so don’t show up in graph view.

Every canvas connection between notes should be an Obsidian [[link]]. For example, if there was an arrow from Note A to Note B there should be a corresponding outbound link.

By adding footer style links to the bottom of notes. Alternatively, a ‘glossary note’ within the canvas that is named with the canvas name and has the sole job of linking to every note created in the canvas would achieve some of the means.

I’m new to this forum so hopefully this makes sense — let me know if I made any blunders!