New plugin: AutoMOC - find and add missing links

Hey everyone, first time posting on the forums. I just wanted to share that I created a plugin that I think many users will find useful. I call it AutoMOC.

The inspiration from the idea came from trying to manage my MOCs and not being sure which linked mentions I had already created a backlink for in my MOC. Oftentimes when creating a new note and linking it to a MOC, I would forget to explicitly make the backlink. Over time, this led to many missing links. Using the backlink pane wasn’t enough to fix this as it didn’t make it obvious which links were already present.

I had explored around to see if a plugin had already been developed for this, but the closest thing I could find was people using a dataview script to show missing links. I wanted there to be an easier way. Simply push a button or use a keyboard shortcut and your missing links were added.

So I made it. It’s a simple plugin. All it does it look at the links currently in a note, look at the rest of your vault for linked mentions, and add the ones that are missing. I just released the first version and I’d love to get some feedback from people on its usage (efficiency, bugs, additional use cases, etc.). I originally made it for the context of MOCs but it can be used for any type of note. My vault is relatively small, so I didn’t get to scaling.

Here’s the link to the GitHub for it and the plugin is available through the Obsidian community plugins.
GitHub: GitHub - dalcantara7/obsidian-auto-moc

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