Making links to all of linked mentions

Things I have tried

When making a kind of MOC, now I make links manually.

What I’m trying to do

Is there any convenient way(hotkey, plug-in, or any other tips) to make links to all of the linked mentions?

I think the goal is what the title proposes: linking to all of the linked mentions - rather than automatically creating links from the unlinked mentions.

If I am right, I currently see the following options/workarounds:

  1. Create a search with the following search term: “[[Title_of_your_note”. Skip the closing brackets in order not to exclude links with aliases! Now copy the search results into your active note.
  2. Do the same but with an embedded query.

The first option has the advantage to give you proper links - however, it will note update automatically. If you want that, chose the embedded query solution.


I think this can be done using the dataview plugin.

Add a tag on the linked mention notes, like #mma and on the MOC note, use the list dataview.

list from #mma

(without the quotes)

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You could use the Templater and dataview plugins, create a small template like this:

## Links

list from outgoing([[<% tp.file.title %>]])

and insert it in your file(s).

Just remember that

  • whenever you change the title of your note, you will have to re-apply the template

because templates aren’t a kind of “dynamic variables” but get expanded only once. This means, if your note was called “Test”, the command will (after expansion) look like

list from outgoing([[Test]])

and not change automagically when you change your note title.


What is the embedded query? And how to perform an embedded query?

The documentation is always a good starting point for questions about obsidian’s features…


My first post was very obsucure. I’m sorry for that.
What @alltagsverstand mentioned is exactly what I want do, and using search results seems to be very useful when I handle a note which has many linked mentions.
And the dataview plugin… It looks a bit difficult, but I’ll look into it this weekend.
Thank you all for your advice!

I think this DataView command is the simplest approach. I just discovered that by using [[a note]] with DataView it works on the linked mentions of that note.

list from [[name of note]]
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