New password request not recevied

Things I have tried

I somehow got logged out of my Obsidian desktop app and have forgotten my password. I have submitted request for new password and the email is not being received. Why would this be? what email address would it be coming from? Perhaps I need to add it as a safe domain so it doesn’t bounce?


What I’m trying to do

I just tested, and the email should come from domain and it works for me.

Just bear in mind that the login for the forum and the Obsidian account are separate. So if you used a different email address, it might be going there instead.

You’re submitting a request from the website or from the app? If from the website, I assume you are seeing this message after making the request?

Some people have been having trouble with DNS connections. I wonder if that could possibly be related? (I have no idea!) Mac : Failed to load Community Plugin - #7 by ariehen

Please email [email protected], so we can take a look at your account.

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