New note named 'foldername/notename' gets auto moved and renamed

Use case or problem

Creating notes in sub-folders is not convenient or quick.

Proposed solution

When creating a new note w ctrl-N, if the note is named with a slash like so: ‘foldername/notename’ it can be auto moved into that folder and renamed without the foldername.

Current workaround (optional)

  1. right-click in the file explorer and choose new-note from the popup menu. If there are open folders in the file explorer or many folders this could involve a bit of scrolling to find the right folder.
  2. if you are making a link to the new note enter the folder [ [ foldername/notename ] ] and the new note will be in the specified folder, but the link will not be cleaned up and will show the folder name

Related feature requests (optional)


You can already do this. Try using Ctrl-O for open instead of Ctrl-N for new. Then if you type folder/new note, it will put a new note with that name in that folder automatically.

If the folder doesn’t exist, the folder gets created too.

Except… I seem to have found a bug, but don’t know how to recreate it yet. If I type more than one folder, folderA/folderB/New Note I can’t see folderB or New Note in the file explorer. But I’m testing this on iPad, so I can’t easily inspect the filesystem at the moment. The subfolder exists in my iPad Files app, but doesn’t show up in Obsidian.

Ah I see. Control-O folder/note-note works great. Control-N folder/new-note also works but it gives you an error message that filename cannot contain “/”. It works anyway despite the error message. Misleading error should be fixed.

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