Create note in folder with Ctrl-N -> "foldername/notename" syntax

Use case or problem

I often want to create a new note in a particular folder. I’d like to be able to do this using only the keyboard. I’d also rather specify the new file & path in one operation rather than having separate creation and move steps.

Proposed solution

I’d love to be able to create a new note in a folder by pressing Ctrl-N and then typing “foldername/notename”, with the intention that this new note named “notename” be located inside “foldername”. This would ideally work for nested folders. If a folder did not yet exist, it would also be lovely to create it.

Trying this on Obsidian 1.3.7 AppImage on Ubuntu just gives a “file name cannot contain any of these characters: ‘/’” error and does not move this file.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Create a new note in the default location and then move it to the folder
  • Use the Open menu by pressing Ctrl-O, then type “foldername/notename” and press Shift-Enter to create the new note - works but clunky, have to re-map new note creation desire to “open” shortcut

Related feature requests (optional)

This was raised a year ago in this forum post but not implemented.

I’ll reopen that thread, merge your reply, and close this.

I think it got automatically closed because someone marked it as “solution”.

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